Online hotel reservation system for hotel chains: Vertical Booking Engine

Vertical Booking CRS for Hotel Chains

The Vertical Booking CRS can be used by Hotel Chains, Hotel Management Companies, Branded Hotels and Franchise Chains, and Representation Companies.

The functions that can be managed centrally and those that can be managed for each single hotel are defined depending on the type of chain. An advanced reporting system, with various information levels depending on the company role, allows for constant control over the business.

The extranet and functionss can be tailored to the chain's specific needs.
The software and database structure allow for rapid management of chains, including chains with a large number of hotels. The system is already used by several chains worldwide that have from 10 to 180 hotels, set up with various configurations.

The system can be interfaced with different PMSs at the same time. See PMS

Through integration with the Synchro Channel Manager and GDS connectivity, which are both part of the software, distribution can be managed on websites, reservation centres, affiliations, IDSs and GDSs in an optimised and fast way.

The Vertical Booking CRS is by far the most complete and flexible platform for hotel chains on the market.


All components of the system can be used together, singularly or they can be integrated into existing systems through XML interfaces.

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