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Vertical Booking - Synchro Channel Manager

Vertical Booking includes a two-way SYNCHRO CHANNEL MANAGER which is able to manage distribution channels easily, rapidly and fully automatically based on a single inventory per room type that feeds all channels simultaneously.

The Synchro Channel Manager can be integrated with a PMS or a DMS through XML interfaces (see API for PMS, WBE/CRS, DMS)

The Synchro Channel Manager can be supplied:

  • as an integrated part in the Vertical Booking CRS (best solution)
  • as a stand-alone solution.

The following IDS are interconnected:
IDS (OTA/Merchant)
Booking... XML 2 way XML 2 way
Global Hotels Extranet XML 2 way
HRS XML 2 way XML 2 way
LateRooms XML 2 way XML 2 way
Agoda XML 2 way
All Inclusive Hotels XML 2 way
Atrapalo XML 2 way
BW HotelRes XML 2 way
BudgetPlaces XML 2 way XML 2 way
Escapio XML 2 way
HostelBookers XML 2 way
HotelTravel XML 2 way XML 2 way
Hotels4U XML 2 way
Hotusa XML 2 way
Hotwire XML 2 way
Jetsetter XML 2 way
Lugano Turismo XML 2 way
MakeMyTrip SS 2 ways
Mr And Mrs Smith XML 2 way
Orbitz XML 2 way
Prestigia XML 2 way
Splendia XML 2 way
StyleHotels XML 2 way
TabletHotels XML 2 way
TravelRepublic XML 2 way XML 2 way
Day Break Hotels XML 2 way
AiaPalas XML 2 way
CIT Holidays XML 2 way XML 2 way
EasyToBook XML 2 way
HostelsClub XML 2 way
Hotel Contact XML 2 way
ItalyHotels XML 2 way
Jesolo OK XML 2 way
Moena XML 2 way
Reservenice XML 2 way
Spa Hotels Collection XML 2 way
Switzerland Travel Centre XML 2 way
The Best Spa Hotels XML 2 way
Treovi XML 2 way
Turismo Piemonte XML 2 way
Unitravel XML 2 way
Quikbook SS 2 ways
coming soon
AJA XML 2 way
Boek Italie XML 2 way
Bologna Reservation XML 2 way
Bologna Welcome XML 2 way
Cervia Turismo XML 2 way
Cesenatico Turismo XML 2 way
Charme & Relax XML 2 way
Charming XML 2 way
Consorzio Chianciano XML 2 way
Emozione3 XML 2 way
EmozioniHotels XML 2 way
Explora - EXPO 2015 (NetBooking) XML 2 way
HotelsChart XML 2 way
HotelsClick XML 2 way
ITWG XML 2 way
In Toscana XML 2 way XML 2 way
Interlaken XML 2 way XML 2 way
Lido di Venezia XML 2 way
LoveVDA Valle d'Aosta XML 2 way
Portale Sardegna XML 2 way
Promhotels Riccione XML 2 way XML 2 way XML 2 way
Ravenna Incoming XML 2 way
Riccione Bike Hotels XML 2 way
Rimini Reservation XML 2 way XML 2 way
SardiniaLovers XML 2 way
Shopinn Holidays XML 2 way XML 2 way
South Escapes XML 2 way
SpaceHotels XML 2 way
SunHotels XML 2 way
Visit Alghero XML 2 way
Visit Cattolica XML 2 way
Visit EmiliaRomagna XML 2 way
Visit Trentino XML 2 way
VivaFirenze XML 2 way
Wonderful Sardinia XML 2 way
CapriOnLine XML 2 way
Cortina Dolomiti XML 2 way
Dolomiti Stars XML 2 way
FriuLI VEnezia Giulia XML 2 way
HotelTonight XML 2 way
ITI Hotels XML 2 way
LogiTravel XML 2 way
Synergy XML 2 way
IDS (Wholesalers/TO)
Eden Viaggi XML 2 way
GTA Travel - Kuoni XML 2 way
TransHotel XML 2 way
Travco SS 2 ways
TouricoHolidays XML 2 way
coming soon XML 2 way
AuraTours XML 2 way
CarraniTravel XML 2 way
HotelBeds XML 2 way
Keytel XML 2 way
RoomTrade (Restel) XML 2 way
Ultranet (Unister) XML 2 way
WHL (Albatravel) XML 2 way
HotelsPro XML 2 way
coming soon
Bramante Travel XML 2 way
CiaoGuest XML 2 way
Gartour XML 2 way
GialpiTravel XML 2 way
Go Go Viaggi XML 2 way
JacTravel XML 2 way
Leading Companies International (MTC) XML 2 way
WelcomeBeds XML 2 way
AIC Travel XML 2 way
AmiTour XML 2 way
Andiamo Travel XML 2 way
Anxur Tours XML 2 way
Brillandia XML 2 way
CisalpinaTours XML 2 way
Evolution Voyages XML 2 way
IATI XML 2 way XML 2 way XML 2 way
Italcamel XML 2 way XML 2 way
JumboTours XML 2 way
Mappamondo XML 2 way
NeverTooMuch XML 2 way
Serhs Tourism XML 2 way
Sfrecciando XML 2 way
TourCrafters XML 2 way
VisitItaly XML 2 way
Expovenice XML 2 way
Nitrodi Viaggi XML 2 way
Sud Italia Hotels XML 2 way

AAV Tours L.L.C. UltraSwitch
Accommodation Clearing House UltraSwitch
Advanced Reservation Systems (ARES) UltraSwitch
Agoda UltraSwitch
Air New Zealand UltraSwitch UltraSwitch (part of the Lastminute Network Ltd) UltraSwitch
Alliance Reservations Network UltraSwitch
Alpha Accommodation Ltd UltraSwitch
Aman Travel Ltd UltraSwitch
ANZ Travel Service UltraSwitch
Asia Web Direct UltraSwitch Holding UltraSwitch
Astral Holidays UltraSwitch
Atlatos GmbH UltraSwitch
Best Day Travel UltraSwitch
Bezurk Pte. Ltd. UltraSwitch
Bookit UltraSwitch
Bookitnow UltraSwitch
Boscolo Tours (previously Hotel Provider) UltraSwitch
C.R.S. International GmbH & Co.KG UltraSwitch
Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd UltraSwitch
China National Aviation Holding Travel Service Company UltraSwitch
Classic Travel Service UltraSwitch
Cox & Kings India Pvt. Ltd. UltraSwitch
CV Informatika UltraSwitch
DER UltraSwitch
Destination Rewards UltraSwitch
Direct Hotels (known as well as The Place To Stay) UltraSwitch
Discover West Holidays UltraSwitch
ehotel AG UltraSwitch
eMeetingsOnline, Inc. UltraSwitch
E-Site Marketing UltraSwitch UltraSwitch
Expotel UltraSwitch
Expovision UltraSwitch
Extended Stay UltraSwitch
EZRez Software Inc UltraSwitch
Flight Centre Ltd UltraSwitch
Gestations, Inc. UltraSwitch
Global Reservas S.L.Destinia UltraSwitch
Global Travel Online UltraSwitch
GM Tour & Travel UltraSwitch
Go Global Travel Ltd. UltraSwitch
GolfSwitch UltraSwitch
HIS UltraSwitch
Holiday City UltraSwitch
Horse21 UltraSwitch
Hospitality Marketing Concepts (HMC) UltraSwitch
Hotama UltraSwitch
Hotel Reservation Service UltraSwitch UltraSwitch AG UltraSwitch
HotelBeds UltraSwitch UltraSwitch
Hotels4U UltraSwitch
Hotelzon International Ltd UltraSwitch
Hotwire UltraSwitch
IAPA (Int'l Airline Passengers Assn) UltraSwitch
In1Solutions Ltd. UltraSwitch
Infotel Solutions UltraSwitch
Interactive Hotel Solutions UltraSwitch
Interface Technology UltraSwitch
Inthotels UltraSwitch
Israel Tourist & Travel Agents Association (ITTAA) UltraSwitch
IXEO Interactive Travel SA UltraSwitch
KDS (Klee Data System) UltraSwitch
Kiwi Collection UltraSwitch
Lastminute Network Ltd - UltraSwitch
Lotus Tours Ltd. UltraSwitch
Maintrack UltraSwitch UltraSwitch
MLT Vacations UltraSwitch
Neat Group by Travelport UltraSwitch
NetView Solutions, Inc UltraSwitch
NexGen Travel Distribution UltraSwitch
Nota Bena UltraSwitch
Oakwood Worldwide UltraSwitch
Odabul UltraSwitch
OE Interatcive Ltd UltraSwitch
Olympia Viaggi UltraSwitch
One Travel Source UltraSwitch
Online Hotels UltraSwitch
Orbitz Worldwide UltraSwitch
PanKorea UltraSwitch
PlentyRooms/ GTMC Travel UltraSwitch
Polyglobe Group T/A The Corporate Team UltraSwitch
Pory Roku - Hoteleine UltraSwitch
QuikBook UltraSwitch
Revelex UltraSwitch
Round Holiday UltraSwitch
Select Marketing Hotels UltraSwitch
Starcite UltraSwitch
Stay247 UltraSwitch
Streetmap/Btex UltraSwitch
Tablet Inc. UltraSwitch
TheHotelWeb (previously known as Guide2Hotel) UltraSwitch
Thunderbolt Technologies UltraSwitch
TourisMarketing UltraSwitch
Tramazing Enterprise UltraSwitch
Transplanet UltraSwitch
Travel Online Pty Ltd UltraSwitch
Travelmall UltraSwitch
Travelmatrix UltraSwitch
Travelweb LLC UltraSwitch
TravTech Business Solutions UltraSwitch
Trisept Technology UltraSwitch
TUI AG UltraSwitch
Unitravel (formerly GHRS) UltraSwitch
Via Turisme UltraSwitch
World Choice Travel UltraSwitch
World Ventures Travel UltraSwitch
World Web Travel UltraSwitch
Worldres UltraSwitch
Yatra Online Private Ltd UltraSwitch
DerTour UltraSwitch (Maklai LTD) UltraSwitch UltraSwitch UltraSwitch
Gullivers Travel Associates (GTA) UltraSwitch UltraSwitch
Lychee (Limited Hong Kong) UltraSwitch
BICOT T.S. Co., Ltd. UltraSwitch
British Airways Plc. UltraSwitch
Constellation Newtwork SAS UltraSwitch
Destinations of the World UltraSwitch
Fore Representations and Travels Pvt. Ltd. UltraSwitch
Gateway UltraSwitch
Gimmonix Technologies Ltd UltraSwitch
Global Access Award Scheme UltraSwitch
Grand National Concierge Pty Ltd. UltraSwitch
Groupize UltraSwitch
Luxury Link LLC UltraSwitch
Hotelied Inc. UltraSwitch

Contacts to obtain interface protocols with all the main distribution channels are already underway.
Vertical Booking technologies are able to create/generate XML interfaces in the quickest time possible - whether OTA-based or free, or based on other protocol types if required.
Contact us (IDS only) at

Vertical Booking also boasts a completely automated two-way interface with:
a technical platform used by many brands for distribution on GDS, such as:

Design Hotels

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