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Server Infrastructure and Data Centre

AEC has a highly advanced hardware infrastructure.

AEC servers are located in the TelecityGroup Data Centre in Milan. TelecityGroup is Europe's leading high connectivity data centre.

The Milan data centre conforms to information and security management standard ISO 27001:2005 and certification ISO9001:2008, concerning quality management.

Features of the Data Centre:

  • Connectivity
    It hosts the main national IXPs (Internet Exchange Points), which allow networks to interconnect and quickly and efficiently exchange Internet traffic on a national and international level. 
  • Redundant Supply
    It has a contingent of continuity groups (UPS, Uninterruptable Power Supply) and diesel generators in reserve that can power the infrastructure indefinitely should the main electrical grids go down. 
  • Environmental conditioning and water cooling
    A combination of over-sized environmental conditioning systems are employed to guarantee the optimal cooling of the hardware. These water cooling systems also include hot aisle/cold aisle infrastructures and innovative energy saving solutions. 
  • Fire detection and suppression
    The infrastructure is protected by VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and other sophisticated fire protection technology. The two-state high sensitivity smoke detectors are connected to the BMS and are constantly monitored from a network operations centre.

Network infrastructure and Vertical Booking server

The Vertical Booking network is isolated from the Internet by two firewalls, HA cluster (High availability) active/active.
The firewalls are secured by two routers integrated in HSRP clusters and internal networks are isolated from the internet with a public address plan using vlan.

Through AEC owned Switches, the sub-networks are individualised. Among the sub-networks is the backup network, used to maintain data backup (saving data every two hours), and the archive of server configurations guaranteeing efficient disaster recovery.

Each network is protected by specific filter rules and the backup network is isolated from the internet and has a private address plan.
To ensure this service there are around 30 servers in operation, divided per service (Web server, DB server, Services server).

Standard features:
- Double quad core processor
- SCSI / ATA and SSD (solid state) discs for the DB server

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