Vertical Booking CRS - Guest Management

The Vertical Booking CRS includes a Guest Management section with features that are unique to CRSs the world over.

It is a section dedicated to guests where the hotelier can analyse the reservations and profiles of clients to help with marketing activities, manage a wide variety of Group Agreements to satisfy any requirement of the hotel, and loyalty programs for hotel chains.

Analysis of profiles

Through a search form, the hotelier can look up the reservations made by a guest and see what types of rates and rooms they prefer. All data is also accessible from the CRO section, where the hotel staff (or call centre operators) manages the offer requests, changes and cancellations.

A particularly interesting feature is the analysis of multiple bookings.

As you can see below, with this feature you can see all the bookings made by each guest alongside information which includes the channel on which they made those bookings.
In the first case you can see that the client booked on the website in the past and 2 years later booked on an OTA. With this information, a hotelier can investigate why the guest switched over to the OTA and encourage them to go back to the website next time.
In cases 2 and 3 we can see that the returning customers initially made their reservations on but in the most recent years booked through the website, indicating successful disintermediation.

Vertical Booking - Guest Management

Analysing multiple bookings in this way is of great use in defining strategies to encourage returning customers used to booking on the OTAs like and Expedia to book directly on the website.

Other important features include:

  •  Group Agreements
    This feature allows the association of a code to a group or an event. Using this code, members of the group or participants of the event can access the rates dedicated to them/special rates.
    Examples :
    Groups members of the Rotary Club or even simply those on Facebook
    Events Weddings, birthday parties

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