GDS Marketing

Selling public rates alone is not enough for a hotel to optimise the performance of the GDS channel. Public pricing strategies have to be integrated with negotiated and corporate rates and marketing activities. Vertical Booking, together with its global partners, offers a range of tools and advice on how to use them.

RFP tools

  • The major global consortia (group of agencies) and corporate accounts usually use centralised systems for contracting hotels worldwide: contracted rates with global consortia (such as Carlson Wagon Lit, BCD Travel, GTMC, American Express etc) and multinational corporate accounts (such as Siemens, Nokia, FCA, HSBC, Roche etc) represent significant portion of the revenue generated through the GDSs. Vertical Booking gives hotels access to these tools and together with the hotels, evaluates the best market opportunities based on their location.

Market Leads

  • Still on the corporate side, an additional revenue opportunity is represented by market leads which give the hotels the opportunity to make rate proposals to international and national corporate accounts located in their area. Vertical Booking gives hotels access to these leads and provides consultancy to identify the best opportunities.

Preferred Partners

  • Vertical Booking is constantly working on the brand awareness of Alesia Distribution and its member hotels, promoting the brand with consortia and at trade shows; Vertical Booking also has preferred agreements with several consortia giving its properties additional exposure and revenue opportunities.

Image Distribution

  • Not only on the OTAs but also on the GDSs, it is important for hotels to be listed with a complete set of images. Vertical Booking, in collaboration with an international partner, offers hotels  an intuitive system which distributes the hotel’s images to GDSs and to a large number of OTAs, resizing them to the different formats that each channel requires. Thanks to Vertical Booking, hotels have quality images on all channels, and don’t have to waste time resizing, cropping, editing the images for each channel.

GDS marketing tools:

  • The GDSs offer different tools for increasing visibility and awareness for the hotel, such as marketing messages that appear to travel agents at different stages of the reservation process providing additional information about the hotel or promotions; preferred listings that make the hotel appear on top of other properties listed; email newsletters to targeted travel agents. These activities can significantly increase reservations and Vertical Booking provides consultancy and advice regarding opportunities and costs according to the specific needs of the hotels.

Commission Settlement System

  • One of the concerns of travel agents is ensuring their commissions are paid regularly, so for hotels it is important to make sure this happens. Vertical Booking cooperates with well-known commission settlement systems ensuring on the one hand that hotels will be able to easily manage reconciliations directly in the CRS and to pay all travel agent commissions due in one solution per month, and on the other hand that travel agents are aware of the fact that they will get their commissions by globally recognised commission settlement systems.
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