Rates and Availability Management

The thing that customers love most about Vertical Booking is the rates and availability management system.  A market survey among users has shown that the outstanding and most appreciated characteristic is the simplicity with which rates can be updated in such a sophisticated system.

Normally, users work with one or very few master rates. All the other rates are derived from the master rate/s to several levels, and the derivation can also be set by period.

Vertical Booking - Master Rates

Take, for example, a case of a master rate from which 20 rates are derived and associated to twenty different distribution channels, such as Booking.com, corporate customers, GDSs, etc...
You want to update the entire rate situation, but what you’d imagine to be a complex process becomes quick and easy with Vertical Booking!

In a single panel, the user sees for the current month, the current price, the price for the same period last year, the booking rules applied, any discounts applied, local events, the weather forecast, the price trends of selected competitors, the competitive situation of the location, rooms on sale, and the occupancy, so on the same page the user has all the information he needs to make informed pricing decisions.

Vertical Booking

From the same panel, by clicking on a single day or a period, the user can apply different rate plans (grids) or enter the price directly, with just two clicks. With these two clicks, those twenty derived rates on their twenty channels (web, direct channels, OTAs like Booking.com, Expedia, Metasearch engines like TripAdivsor, and GDSs) are all updated in real time.

As far as availability is concerned, the system includes a page that shows all availability by room type, including the allotments allocated to major OTAs (Booking.com, Expedia) or to Tour Operators, Corporate or Group agreements.
The user can manage availability, also differentiating it for different distribution channels, both manually or according to automatic rules.

Vertical Booking manages all booking rules, including minimum length of stay through, in a highly flexible way, including by property, by room type, by rate type, and by channel or a combination of these parameters.
Another useful feature of Vertical Booking is that it can manage allotments by channel, such as requests from Booking.com and Expedia, and can manage allotments dedicated to Tour Operators or linked to Group Agreements.

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