Vertical Booking Synchro Channel Manager


In order to address the varying needs of the market, from those of large 5-star hotels to those of small independent properties, the Vertical Booking Synchro Channel Manager is available in 3 different versions.

All 3 versions use the cutting edge Vertical Booking engine, ensuring high reliability and precision.




  • It can manage rates and availability like a CRS, with an unlimited number of rates and derived rates.
  • It can manage different currencies for different channels.
  • The system includes advanced availability management and manages all the booking rules the channels can, including minimum stay through.
  • It can manage the allotments for and Expedia in a synchronised way.
  • The system can manage over allotments and negative inventories from the PMS interface.
  • If associated with the Booking Engine, it can manage the direct channels listed here.
  • It includes detailed reports and revenue tools.
  • It can include a rate checker to analyse competitors.

For properties that want to maximise revenue



Similar to the Full version but with a limited number of room types and rates.

It does not include advanced availability management but it can still manage allotments for and Expedia.

A version for those who want to get started and familiarise themselves with the technology. It can be updated at any time to the Full version, without losing the data already entered.



With this version, rates and availability are entered by channel, like with the simplest systems.

Although simplified, this version still uses the same engine as the others, guaranteeing high reliability and precision.

It includes a detailed report section.

For those used to using simple channel managers. It can be updated at any time to the Full version, without losing the data already entered.

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