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Booking engine to enhance your destination!

Booking engine for destinations

  • Management of static (photos and descriptions) and dynamic data (prices, availability and booking rules) of the hotel through identifying access of each property.
  • Integration with the main Channel Managers on the market.
  • Simplified management of quotations.
  • Ability to set up “Supervisor” users who can monitor the data entered by hotels and service providers.
  • Creation of search and result filters that can be applied by the user (filters by location, characteristics of the property, price, or customized in general).
  • Traceability of the booking flow through Google Analytics and detailed reporting with data that can be extrapolated.

CRO for destinations

  • Fully integrated into the DMS.
  • Simplified management of bookings that are received by phone/email and ability to create and send quotations.
  • Ability to generate multiple quotations.
  • The staff can have 3 different access levels: operator, supervisor, manager.
  • Ability to create customized email templates.

Services and Packages module

  • Ability to sell the services with these combinations: choice of overnight stay + dynamic service, choice of service + overnight stay, sale of the service only.
  • Various types of services that can be configured with maximum flexibility: museums, exhibitions and fairs, excursions, cards and transfers.
  • Management of services through identification access for external service providers.
  • Management and sale of static or dynamic packages.

Conventions module

  • Entry and management of every single convention or event.
  • Management of the room quota and relative prices.
  • Monitoring of hotel subscriptions and reports on bookings.

Travel Agencies module

  • Ability to enter the personal data of the agencies.
  • Agency-wide commission management.
  • User level access credentials management.