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Manage quotation requests and bookings by phone, e-mail and walk-ins from a single form.

Strong points

  • Fully integrated into the CRS.
  • Ability to create multiple quotations.
  • Staff can have different login credentials, with different levels of responsibility and control.
  • Quotations follow-up management to avoid losing possible conversions.
  • Communications supported by email templates with customizable graphics and style choice in the quotation generation phase.
  • Possibility to create a quotation with blocked availability in Vertical Booking that is returned as a reservation to the PMS
  • Dedicated statistics and reports to monitor the performance of individual operators in terms of calls, quotations and reservations managed.
  • The system always guarantees a solution: the operator will receive alternative proposals in case of missing results.




Benefits for hotel groups

  • Group CRO to process quotation requests for all properties
  • Group quotations: one email with several proposals for different properties
  • Ability to activate different "call centers" based on location and/or brand