GDS Account management

Selling on the GDSs is very different to selling on the OTAs. Customers on the GDSs are travel agents, consortia, or large companies, and so distribution requires a very different approach that many hotels aren’t familiar with. This is where Vertical Booking steps in.

A Vertical Booking account manager will accompany the hotelier from the very start to ensure the set-up is optimised. Travel agents search with specific filters for locations, rates, or reference points, but simply loading the information isn’t enough: the locations, rates or distances from points of reference need to be codified if they are to appear in the search results. Working with thousands of hotels all over the world, Vertical Booking is also the perfect partner to provide expert consultancy, analysis and recommendations regarding pricing and marketing strategies for GDS distribution.

  • Vertical Booking takes care of all aspects of codifying the hotel information for the GDS

  • The information not only has to be codified, but also to be put in the right place, and the experienced Vertical Booking implementation team also takes of this

  • Vertical Booking will provide the hotel with a comprehensive set-up form to ensure all relevant information is provided to the travel agents

  • Vertical Booking will advise, suggest and codify rooms and rates to be loaded on GDS according to the unique needs of each property

  • the Vertical Booking account manager will support the hotelier throughout the year with regular performance analysis, GDS audits and advice on how to improve that performance

  • Vertical Booking also offers a series of custom marketing activities according to the needs of the property (see GDS marketing)

Vertical Booking - GDS Account management

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