Vertical Booking CRS - Group agreements

This feature allows the association of a code to a group or an event. Using this code, members of the group or participants of the event can access special rates.
A Group Agreement can also be assigned an allotment of rooms.

When do you use Group Agreements?

Group Agreements are used to assign special reserved rates to groups, perhaps associated with a contingent of rooms (allotment).
These groups may consist of members of an association, such as the Rotary Club, or participants of a specific event such as a wedding or birthday party. The feature is also useful for managing customers booking through social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, to offer them special conditions.

The relative reservations are highlighted in the REPORTS section and the DASHBOARD.

Vertical Booking - Group Agreements

Increase revenue - Disintermediation

Group Agreements can also be useful for increasing revenue. In fact, by using special reserved rates on the website, the hotel can bypass systems like the GDS which incur transaction fees.

Save man hours

This module automates a process that would otherwise have to be carried out manually by hotel staff. Moreover, the use of this system makes it possible to produce accurate reports, which if analysed, can help optimise use of the system.

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